Citroën Invites Its Fans to Share the ‘Positive Power’ in a New Interactive Video

Citroën is offering auto fans an opportunity to experience the ride in a fun and entertaining way. The brand puts drivers behind the wheel of its C4 model in the digital movie and offers them to choose how the plot will develop. The online-project entitled ‘Positive Power’ is more like an action movie, an “interactive voyage of mystery, suspense and excitement,” where you are the protagonist.

The users are invited to get into the car and start a “bold and distinctive creative” adventure, and it’s up to them which turn they take, if they let a girl, decide to answer the ringing cell phone, etc. Their choice changes the course of the action, while they are exploring everything their fate has in stock for them (beautiful female singers are included).

Driving through the illuminated streets of a city at night, viewers will encounter mysterious strangers and sequences full of suspense, whilst experiencing many of New C4’s key features—including the blind spot monitoring system, front seat massage function, class-leading boot space and surround sound audio system,” details the Citroën in the description to the campaign, which has been launched in 22 European countries.

Once the journey finishes, users are invited to share the experience on their social networks, learn more about the C4, book a test-drive, as well as download the film’s original soundtrack. The idea of this campaign looks similar to those employed in the ‘Mr Knowitall’ promotion of Samsung and Lexus‘Dark Ride.’