Citroën Reveals DS4 Secrets Online

Citroën has launched ‘Citroën DS4: Production Secrets,’ a weekly six-part online series of documentaries on the website, as well as on YouTube and Facebook, bringing to life secrets from the design and production of the new Citroën DS4. 

Every week will see a new episode in which the designers who created the new high-stance five-door coupé explain individual elements such as its architecture, exterior styling, interior design and driving dynamics.

The series, created by respected directors Alain Teurlai and Thierry Demaizière, focuses on the men and women who designed and engineered the new Citroën DS4 as they talk frankly and openly about the challenges they faced.

Through this innovative new format, Citroën allows viewers into the secret world of drama, excitement and tension that exists during the build-up to releasing a new model, from the initial design concept to the vehicle launch.

The new Citroën DS4, the second model in the distinctively styled DS line, will go ‘on sale’ in the UK during the second half of 2011.