SXSW 2011 in Facts, Brands and Faces

The 18th annual SXSW®(The South by Southwest) Music and Media Conference is gaining momentum. One of the most notable events in the area of independent movie, music industry as well as emerging interactive technologies is now taking place in Austin, Texas. This year the event is held from March 11 through 20.

SXSW event series represent an opportunity for independent movie producers, musicians, bloggers, game developers, social media gurus to discover new ways of pursuing their business, establish new connections and mingle with industry insiders.  The schedule includes industry-specific panel discussions, a trade show (SXSW Trade Show: The Exhibition for Creative Industries), and a number of concerts, contests and parties. Plus, this year the biggest convergence in the area of music, movies and interactive entertainment celebrates its 25th anniversary.

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South by South West is sponsored by such brands as Miller Lite, Chevy, Aol., IFC, Pepsi Max, Pepsi, Brisk while the major music events are sponsored by Microsoft, Samsung, at&t and Sonicbids.

PepsiMax, major sponsor of the Interactive and Film Festivals & Conferences

As a major sponsor of SXSW, Pepsi Max is engaged in such activities as providing an online streaming for concerts, running a competition with foursquare and Grooveshark Center Stage Voting. More than that, Pepsi has rolled out its new mobile app dubbed ‘Possibilities’ for iPhone and Android for those who want to get the latest updates on the new vacancies at PepsiCo. The food brand is also showcasing the events at SXSW 2011 at its blog.

Google also took a chance to boast its new developments: the Internet giant provided a sneak peak into its new version of Blogspot platform interface and presented the upcoming projects for 2011.

So, first things first: we’re talking about 2011 SXSW Trade Show. It runs every day from Monday and will close on Thursday, March 17. The event offers an impressive opportunity for the companies working in the field of interactive entertainment to introduce their business, meet prospective associates and customers. The opportunities for business exposure and development are endless, and so is the list of attendees of the tradeshow. You may attend company spaces, arrange meetings in SXsaloon. Those looking for the new career opportunities are welcome to SXSW Hiring Hub, the destination for the professionals of interactive entertainment industry on the lookout for a job.


Speaking of the musical aspect of SXSW 2011, in the day all industry insiders attend discussion panels, while in the nighttime the conference attendees may enjoy an impressive range of concerts, shows and performances that are broadcast online.

Let’s move on to the movie industry. This aspect of the event is represented by SXSW® Film Conference and Festival. The convergence provides an opportunity for guests to immerse into the art and business of independent film making through a variety of disussion panels and screening events to tie the theory and practice. Documentaries, comedies, narratives and other genres of the independent film industry are represented and discussed at screening events. Among the key movies represented are Kevin Macdonald’s ‘Life in a Day’ produced on the basis of the crowdsourced material and represented by Google, and Morgan Spurlock’s The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’.

According to the contagious magazine, the tragedy in Japan has largely impacted the contents and schedule of the event. Cameron Sinclair, the founder of Architecture for Humanity, dedicated his panel to the technology that may come in handy in overcoming the aftermath of earthquake, tsunami and technological catastrophy in Japan. «Let’s not just talk, let’s show», one of the participants of the conference had said before the suggestion was made to set up a charity campaign and raise fundings for the victims of the tragic events rolling out these days in Japan.