Volkswagen Norway Introduce Augmented Reality to Show How Technology Works

How to introduce a cutting-edge automobile technology to a lazy customer? Lazy or busy enough not to be able to attend a test drive? Volkswagen Norway has an answer. This division of the car manufacturing giant has introduced augmented reality to familiarize the prospective customers and all those curious with the technological potential of VW cars.

So the first step was creating a print ad and getting it published across the popular Norwegian magazines (please see below).


The ad prompts a customer to send an SMS to a specified number that will return in another SMS with the code to download an augmented reality app for iPhone. Once downloaded, you are ready to hit the road using your iPhone instead of a brand new VW car and the print ad instead of the road.

The point of this augmented reality app is to show the customer how some of the most advanced features of Volkswagen cars work. For instance, in the ‘Lane Assist’ mode, the phone vibrates and alerts you when you get too close to the edge of the road. As you switch to ‘Adaptive Light’ mode, the headlights of your car will repeat the curves of the road. After you choose ‘Adaptive Cruise Control’, your car will define and maintain the safe distance between the car going ahead.

The augmented reality solution was developed by Mobiento, «an independent, creative & pixel-loving mobile agency». All those curious may download the app for iPhone here.

The campaign has been developed by TRY & APT, Oslo, Norway.