Coca-Cola: Delivering 125 Years of Happiness

Sunday May 8, 2011 marks the 125th anniversary of the iconic Coca‑Cola brand. To celebrate the landmark occasion, in the UK Coca‑Cola is launching a new integrated marketing campaign,  as well as special commemorative packs and a range of in‑store point of sale, designed by London-based Bulletproof.

Bulletproof worked with the NWEN brand team to articulate the design rationale, that aligned with the strategic direction and global ‘125 Years’  identity. They helped provide a design framework and logic that stated a case for resurrecting the rich visual language Coca-Cola has used to create recognisable, consistent, relevant and timeless emotional connections with it’s consumers.

The supporting campaign and bespoke graphics on‑pack play on the heritage of the Coca‑Cola brand, and celebrates Coca‑Cola’s iconic adverts and the vintage ‘Real Thing’ theme. Shoppers will also have the chance to collect a series of 8 limited edition fridge magnets each depicting a vintage Coca-Cola image.

As well as the special packs and limited edition fridge magnet offer, a wide range of POS materials will be available for multiples and independents to make the most of the occasion and ensure maximum awareness among customers in‑store.

Coca‑Cola will also introduce the Retro Poster Maker. Utilising the rich iconic advertising archives, the Retro Poster Maker is a Global and European digital campaign, will enable fans of Coca‑Cola to become immortalized into a poster for the first time in the brand’s history.

Consumer and shopper advertising will create further impact leading up to and on the anniversary and will include a new TV ad, outdoor posters and digital activity on Coke Zone. The new TV ad features elements from the iconic Hilltop advert and will take fans back in time through a series of montage retro images from the brand’s famous past, as well as the soundtrack from Hilltop classic which coined the phrase “I’d like to teach the world to sing».

Coca‑Cola 125 year special commemorative packs will be available on the following Coca‑Cola and Coke Zero formats—500ml PET bottle; 330ml can; 2l, 1.5l PET; 6/8/24/30 330ml can packs; 10/12/15 330ml can packs. POS will be available nationwide from April 2011.