Nokia Hires Annoying Orange to Promote Ovi Chat

Nokia has launched a marketing campaign aimed at raising public awareness of its Ovi chat—a preinstalled instant messaging service available to Nokia smartphone owners. This mobile software supports multiple chat platforms like Google Chat, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

The new campaign is created by R/GA London and features a twist of humor as it is starring the ultimate chatterbox and the most followed YouTube user… Annoying Orange. By teaming up with its creator Dane Boedigheimer, R/GA agency has created a new character for the campaign: The Annoying Orange Chatbot.

So, all those willing to outchat the Annoying Orange Chatbot (who is appearantly ten times as chatty as its YouTube-based prototype), are welcome to visit the campaign hub at Here visitors may download Ovi chat to activate it in their smartphone and become Chatterboxing Champ. The point is to enter the chat and exchange instant messages with Annoying Orange Chatbot for as long as possible. By communicating with the bot for a lengthy time, you will be awarded with funny badges and get new ranks like Jabber Junior, Bare-Knuckle Typer, Professor Prose, Mouthy Maestro, and finally, Chatterboxing Champ.