Heineken USA Renews Their Promise to Grant Consumers Access to Music’s Freshest and Hottest Experiences Nationwide

Heineken is pleased to announce that they will be continuing their tradition of offering discoverable music experiences to their consumers, by expanding their annual summer music program. Heineken Red Star Access, which is the successor to Heineken’s popular music programs of the past, Red Star Soul and Inspire, will kick off on June 9 with an exclusive Kanye West presents G.O.O.D. Music event in New York City.

«We are ecstatic to be able to create Red Star Access for and present the program to our consumer base, enhancing our previous programs at the direction of the consumer and ultimately creating a platform that allows us to stay in their circle of dialogue and contribute value to their music experiences,» says Tyler White, Urban Brand Manager, Heineken USA.

The Red Star Access program will solidify Heineken’s role of granting consumers access to music’s freshest and hottest experiences nationwide. The 2011 program differs from its predecessors by allowing Heineken to develop on-going relationships with talent through the support of the artists’ agendas. This year, the program will offer some of the most prestigious top-tier talent to bill, along with a tier two performance schedule showcasing the artists’ record labels and talent rosters.

In order to share the Red Star Access experience on a larger scale, Heineken has partnered with VEVO to share the original content from the two top-tier performances with consumers across the country. In addition to the top-tier performances, Access includes 18 additional concerts with celebrity female hosts in the following markets: New York, Miami, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, and Detroit.