L’Oreal Opens Green Hair-Styling Academy in Spain

L’Oréal-owned ‘Green Academy’ is ready to open its doors to the first customers in Madrid, Spain. This unprecendented project is the first one in EU to offer its customers a speedy, utterly innovative service, but also to serve for the purpose of ecological education of both the customers and personnel. 


First, unlike all other hairstyling salons, L’Oréal Academy has its own ‘recycling wall’a place to keep the used containers of various kinds, such as plastic, paper, card,  glass, aluminum, etc.  Heating, cooling and hot water supply are integrated into a single ‘solar cooling’ technology and represent a network of devices made of eco-friendly materials.  More than that, the inner space of the academy is dehumified using a special system. Furniture and part of the flooring are manufactured of ‘ecomat’—a next-generation green material obtained from recycled plastic combined with olive pits, while wall panels are made from gypsum and cellulose fibre obtained from recycled paper.

Taking into account that 80% of energy in salons is consumed for heating purposes and hair-dryers, the experts of the academy are working with electric supplies manufacturer on an improved model of hair-dryer that will allow drying hair sooner and will require less energy.

The marketing mission of the project is to promote the products by Professional Products Division of the the L’Oréal Professionnel, such as Kérastase, Kéraskin, Redken, Matrix and Pureology.

Didier Tisserand, President of L’Oréal Spain, said, “Our support for this pioneering academy in Spain, the first of its kind in the world, strengthens our commitment with the environment. An eco-sustainable salon currently costs about 15% more than a conventional one, a cost that will gradually come down through changes in legislation, innovation in materials and medium-to longer-term economic savings”.