Microsoft and Nokia Lift the Veil of Secrecy around Windows Phone 7 Mango OS

On May 24, Microsoft announced details pertaining to its first joint project with Nokia—Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system dubbed ‘Mango’, which will be released as a free update for current Windows phone users. Details on the release date of the new OS for the new devices are still to be announced.

Mango OS is an attempt of these two technology giants to outperform Google and Apple and introduce functionality that is crucial for modern day user, such as social media integration, easy messaging, multiple email accounts, etc.

Now, let’s have a closer look at what Mango OS has to offer.

1. Integration with social media. Mango offers users to connect easily and work with such social media websites, as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Multiple email accounts combined into one represent another valuable feature since most of modern day smartphone users have several email accounts. It means that the mail that arrives to several email boxes is now displayed at one  place.

3. Internet Explorer 9 as a built-in browser offers higher Inet surfing speed than the browser on any other competitor phone, even Apple and Android-based devices (see the video below for a proof).

As we can see, Mango OS is based on the idea of including the whole digital space into a mobile phone. Not only does it offer social media or email integration, but also multitasking feature that makes switching between a number of apps easy and effortless. Another function inspired by the idea of integration is so-called threads, which represent a whole-new way for mobile phone users to communicate and integrate conversation with SMS, Facebook chat and Windows Live Messenger on the same screen.

Jo Harlow, executive vice president for Smart Devices, Nokia, said, “We are very excited about our strategic partnership with Microsoft, and Mango is a great milestone for the first Nokia with Windows Phone devices. We believe Mango offers developers opportunities to create new mobile experiences leveraging both companies complementary assets while providing consumers with a new choice in mobile.”

To learn more about Mango OS, please see the video below.