Multicolored M&M’S Spokescandies to Split?

Repeated conflicts and misunderstanding induced by extreme individualism of all team members, have caused M&M’s spokescandies to split and pursue their solo careers. Red has quickly discovered a new opportunity and is said to become a spokesman for the Oregon Cherry Company. Blue has joined Blue Man’s Group, while Ms. Green is about to publish her own book entitled ‘Our bodies, Our Shells ‘. Orange has escaped the world and is hiding somewhere in the forest in fear of being eaten.

The only character who realizes how important for these guys is to stick together and preserve the company spirit is Yellow. He’s remained in the headquarters and will use any help he can get. He as well as the brand are calling consumers to ‘Reunite M’, which is a tagline of the latest marketing campaign launched for the product. By purchasing select packages of M&M’S Brand Chocolate Candies and looking for all five characters under the wrapper, the customers may win great cash prizes, including an individual cash award of $100,000.

Debra A. Sandler, Chief Consumer Officer, Mars Chocolate North America, said, «This is a difficult and sad day for M&M’S. Our M&M’S spokescandy crew has literally been the face of our brand for many years, and we’re not taking the news of the separation lightly. We’ve initiated a full-fledged «Reunite ‘M'» campaign and we hope America will join forces to help us get them back together.»

So, all those who cannot imagine this multicolored crew being separated, please check for daily updates from Yellow.