Nestlé Unveils Coffee Style Milk Dispenser for Babies

Nestlé has rolled out a fully automated milk dispenser for babies that allows preparing milk out of coffeestyle capsule by mixing its contents with water at optimal pressure and temperature. This innovative solution for moms who cannot breastfeed or are looking for a supplement to breastfeeding is already available in Switzerland for the price of about $284. Capsules for the BabyNess system are sold at a price which is twice higher than the one of the regular powdered milk for babies. 


According to the manufacturer, the BabyNes system, which includes single-serve formula milk powder capsules, bottles and machine itself, guarantees «utmost safety and convenience» and «hygienic, quick and easy bottle preparation».

Martin Grieder, head of advanced nutrition systems at Nestle, said, «It’s potentially a game changer in the infant formula category. It’s very simple, very intuitive, hygienic and of optimum safety.»

To date, the company has refused to disclose the expected profit margins for BabyNes system.

It is quite obvious the product was inspired by the tremendous success of Nestlé’s Nespresso coffee machines.  In 2011 solely, its sales are expected to reach about $4 billion, according to

The official launch of BabyNes system has given rise to the concerns of the children’s health organizations and supporters of breast-feeding who are afraid that the newly-introduced machine will undermine the recommendation of the World Health Organisation that babies under six months should be exclusively breastfed.

However, Nestlé asserts that BabyNes system has been developed as a solution for those who cannot breastfeed and that the brand has no intention to encourage customers to quit breastfeeding.