Nokia Calls Best Technology Minds to ‘Invent with Nokia’

Nokia is on the lookout for fresh ideas from outside the company. The brand has launched a new social initiative entitled ‘Invent with Nokia’ and is calling all those passionate about creating new and improving the existing technology to share their best ideas and thus, contribute to the future of mobility.

The brand has introduced a dedicated project website at where the inventors may submit their ideas to Nokia and be sure that their submission will be 100% secure.

What exactly is Nokia looking for? The answer is simple: mobile products and solutions to lure in more customers. The inventions submitted may or may not be covered by a patent application, a granted patent or a registered design.  Speaking more in detail, the mobile solution provider is looking for new ideas that pertain to cellular phones and innovative solutions for these products, wireless standards, new mobile device features and concepts, mobile apps, operating systems and infrastructure for the mobile phones and apps (for instance, stores for mobile applications).

To present their inventions to Nokia for review, inventors are asked to register at the project website. If the submission appears to pique Nokia’s interest, the brand will sign a contract with an inventor to help make this giant step and turn a brilliant idea into a working technology.

«We have some very smart people inside Nokia, but we can’t do everything ourselves. We want to connect directly with smart inventors who can help us achieve our strategic objectives by adding value to our consumers—the most important people in the Nokia world,» says Nokia in its call for inventors.