Apple: New Generation Software and iCloud are Coming on June 6

Apple, known as a leader of the industry, with its award-winning computers, operating systems and professional applications, is going to present its new products at the upcoming World Wide Developers event to be held on June 6. It will include the next Mac operating system, OS X Lion, the next iOS operating system, iOS 5, and iCloud.

Apple’s next Mac operating system, OS X Lion, and the next iOS operating system, iOS 5, will both be revealed by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, despite being on medical leave since January. The company, which normally prefers to surprise the public, now openly confirms that it will be showing innovations in software as well as «upcoming cloud services offering

It seems that the headline attention at WWDC is going to get iCloud, everyone’s been waiting for. iCloud will be some sort of Internet-based storage service, potentially including music, movie syncing, photos, or even some of the MobileMe and iWork storage for email, calendars, docs and contacts. Its basic concept is similar to Amazon Cloud Player or Google Music, both of which beat Apple on the market. But when it comes to image, the coolness factor matters.

Baba Shiv, a professor of marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, thinks that the critical move that changed Apple’s relationship with users was the launch of the iPod. Apple went from being a private luxury—a maker of niche products—to a mainstream one. Indeed, an iPod effect is thought to be one big reason why Macs have boosted their share of the U.S. personal-computer market to nearly 8 percent.