Peugeot Offers Real Trip to Space

Peugeot and its marketing agency Wand launched an outstanding promotion campaign in the UK, with genuinely unique prize, supporting showcase of the new Peugeot 3008 Crossover. Its tagline ‘so much technology you’d expect it to fly’ puzzles from the very beginning. But these are not just words—the winner will get a chance to venture into space. Such ‘hi-tech prize’ is a special training and flight preparation plus 100 km trip above the Earth’s surface. In addition to that, photos and videos of the experience will be provided, too. Or an alternative—cash prize of £30,000. For all that the entrants have to do is just take part in a ‘spot the 3008’ competition.

Peugeot’s distinctive 3008 Crossover is hidden on the world’s largest online 360 degree panoramic image of London on a specially designed website. Visitors can enter the competition up to 20 times, depending on how many of the crossover models they find. But it is easier to say than make, since picking out the crossover on the image is not easy thing, still worthy the unique prize.

To deliver the message of promotion, as well as encouraging consideration, test drive and purchase, Peugeot spent £1million on multi-channel media campaign, including press, posters, radio sponsorship and special build poster sites.

No surprise, but today it seems to be the only way to showcase a new car—offer to fly. Big car manufacturers like Citroёn and Land Rover are active on the market too, offering exciting interactive promo campaigns to launch their new products—as an example, filming Hollywood-style movie like ‘Being Henry’.

Let’s guess, what is next to win consumer’s heart? Trip to new Galaxy?