Pringles Presented ‘Pringles Home Party’ in Argentina

Pringles launched a new digital campaign in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With the concept ‘Organise a Party Right Now’, communication agencies Grey, G2 and Fahrenheit 451 have together created an action called ‘Pringles Home Party’ for markets in the region. 12 international DJs were invited to compose a set of 12 exclusive tracks, with general production by Jimmy Van M, the world electronic scene star with over 15 years of experience.

“This campaign combines all the qualities for which Pringles is known: it’s fun, it encourages participation and helps make a party great. We invited these DJs, created an amazing party atmosphere, and produced something that can be organised anywhere, but with music that is absolutely exclusive,” said Cecilia de La Fuente, Accounts Director for G2.

Pringles’ brand strategy in social networks has been raising successfully during past years. The Facebook fan page alone has become one of the largest in the world in the mass consumption category, and currently has over 14 million fans.

To organize a spontaneous party and enjoy the first set of music online produced by Jimmy Van M customers are welcome to visit the Pringles Home Party web-site.

When logging users and their friends gain access to a set of 12 exclusive tracks written by the DJs. Various sets of VJs with pictures complete the creation of a special atmosphere.