Reputation Institute Unveiled the Most Reputable Companies in 2011

Google and Apple share the top spot in a study of the world’s most reputable companies conducted by Reputation Institute. Disney, BMW, and LEGO follow the leaders in the top five. Five other companies round out the Top-10: Sony, Daimler, Canon, Intel, and Volkswagen.

The 2011 Global RepTrak 100, a consumer study was developed by Reputation Institute to evaluate the reputations of 100 of the world’s most prominent companies. The companies that are most liked, trusted, and respected by over 48,000 consumers across 15 countries are assessed in the study. Data collection was powered by Survey Sampling International.

The Reputation Institute found out that most companies have stronger reputations in their home countries than abroad. But even these powerful companies are not able to generate respect in all 15 countries. Apple, Google, LEGO, and Sony are the only companies to make the top ten in nine of the 15 countries. The researchers examined how these companies were perceived in four regions. Each region had a different winner: Kellogg’s in North America, Google in Latin America, LEGO in Europe, and Disney in Asia Pacific.

“To build a strong reputation on a global level requires a broad platform that covers all seven dimensions of reputation, including Products & Services, Innovation, Workplace, Governance, Citizenship, Leadership, and Performance,” says Reputation Institute Executive Partner Nicolas Georges Trad. “Companies need to integrate reputation management into the way they do business.”

Another interesting finding is that companies generate distinct benefits from setting up strong emotional connection with consumers. It results in the fact that such companies receive three times the support of their less reputable competition.