blur Group Continues Its Campaign to Disrupt Madison Avenue

blur Group, continues its mission to change the creative services industry with significant increases in major new brands using the Creative Services Exchange to source their creative campaigns and brief volumes growing by 25% each month.

blur Group now receives nearly half of its briefs from outside the UK with a huge range of brands briefing the Exchange this quarter. These include brands as well known as Disney, GE Healthcare, OMD, Butlin’s and Warner Music through to early-stage startups wanting to maximise their marketing spend and a wide mix of companies from all sectors, sizes and regions. Briefs arrived from as far afield as Malaysia and Mauritius.

Creatives and agencies on the Exchange now exceed 11,000, making blur Group one of the largest creative services business in the world. blur Group’s complete social community now totals over 42,000.

blur Group also launched blur Affiliates™, a program that uses blur Group’s ‘Brief Anywhere’ app. Promoted initially to creative agencies who want to extend their reach and media companies wanting to offer creative services to their business, there are now affiliates signed up from the UK, North America, South America and Russia.

«The last quarter we’ve seen major success in all of blur Group’s keys areas,» said Philip Letts, Chief Exchange Officer. «It’s been driven by a rapidly growing digital economy, continuous innovation in our technology with the release of our blur Trading platform and by the momentum from extending the reach of the Exchange with the Affiliate Programme. It’s clear that blur Group will continue to rapidly expand, ending 2011 in a dominant position in the industry

blur Group finished the quarter by launching CM007, a special agent who rescues Marketing Directors from precarious situations.