CARTILS Creates Unique Bottle and Label for Top Selling Kamenitza Beer

CARTILS, one of the world’s first branding and packaging design consultants, has developed a new unique design for Kamenitza beer. The latest brand presentation offers a distinctive new 3D bottle design within the Bulgarian market and a fresh label shape that further enhances Kamenitza’s impact on shelf.

Kamenitza AD, a member of the Starbev Group, is one of Bulgaria’s largest breweries. Last spring, the company launched a revamped packaging for its namesake beer brand, introducing a refreshed label and icon with improved logo type. In order to further underline the leading position of the brand in the Bulgarian market, Kamenitza AD this summer decided to take a next step in design. The company approached the international branding & packaging design consultancy CARTILS, leader in the beer packaging segment, to redesign their Kamenitza brand.

Kamenitza is the oldest beer brand in Bulgaria and has won various awards at international exhibitions since the 1890s, including in Brussels and Chicago. With such a strong image and identity to uphold, the redesign needed to express modernity while maintaining elements of heritage and brewing traditions. As a leading agency specialising in alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, CARTILS was asked to develop a new unique bottle shape and fitting label design for the Kamenitza glass bottles.

CARTILS’ most important design solution to strengthen the credibility and authenticity of the brand was to change the branding from vertical to horizontal. This new shape and positioning of the label clearly expresses the heritage and tradition of the 130-year old brand, reinforcing its authority as the oldest beer in the Bulgarian market. Simultaneously, the new logo, ring-pull cap and a unique bottle shape communicate the modernity of the brand. The overall result is a bottle and label with a strong presence and impact on shelf.

Another unique feature added by CARTILS is an embossing of a dominant lion image on the back of the bottle instead of a label. This tactile and interesting element further adds to the brand’s masculinity, modernity and emotions. The new Kamenitza brand presentation was launched on July 8, 2011.