Vogue’s Influencer Network Targeting Women Audience

Vogue, the iconical fashion trensetting mag, published by Condé Nast launched the Influencer Network, a platform for advertisers that want to use resources of the social media.

The reason is the fact that brands want to use the magazine’s readers to spread the word about their products. The Influencer Network is a panel of 1,000 women deemed to influence other women in fashion. They are fashion bloggers, stylists and personal shoppers passionate about fashion, says Ad Week. Ladies test out and try Vogue’s advertiser products and blog about these new products and line releases.

“There are a lot of people who are self-appointed experts,” says Susan Plagemann, publisher of Vogue. “The biggest difference is, we’re developing a program of ambassadors who spread the word digitally across a very big network about the access that’s been given because of Vogue.”

Panel members aren’t paid and provide feedback for clients on anything from new products, upcoming fashion collections, and ad creative. They’re encouraged to talk about the products on their social networks, highlighting the products and Vogue itself. However, registration for the Vogue Influencer Network is now closed. Users are to enter their email address to get a notification when it reopens.

Plagemann said that more than eight marketers have used the network since it launched early this year, noting that “word of mouth has become one of the biggest influencers, along with advertising, in terms of driving purchase.”

According to the Nielson Q1 Global Online Survey, women trust people they know and when it comes to advertising opinions vary. So, Vogue doing it right with its ‘word of mouth approach.’