Kia Inspires Canadians to Improve Communities on the First-Ever Kia Drive Change Day

Kia continues to ‘drive change’ in Canada with the launch of the next round of its campaign, designed to inspire local people to take action and improve their communities by making simple but effective steps. In the line with the ‘Court’ and ‘Garden’ spots, released last year, the car brand has kicked off a new national promotion earlier this summer to highlight Kia’s commitment to social responsibility, find new local heroes and support them. In addition to this, the brand announced August 21 the 1st annual Kia Drive Change Day and has launched a national competition, asking Canadians to submit a project, which can improve their neighborhood area, for a chance to get a $25,000 cash donation to implement the plan.

The brand also released a series of short television spots, featuring TV personalities who are sharing their ‘Drive Change’ stories and will be present at the events in their communities hosted on August 21. The videos are inviting the audience to visit and get involved into the movement. Through the website, one can find volunteers, who will partake in his or her event on Drive Change Day, sign in for participation in other’s initiatives or submit description of their project along with explanation of how it will benefit the community—the best one will be awarded with $25,000 for its realization.

In an effort to continue to give back and support our local communities we have launched a compelling campaign that celebrates the spirit of our core belief that we can all drive positive change. To this end, we are soliciting the support of all Canadians to drive change with Kia,” said Maria Soklis, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Kia Canada Inc..

To stay connected and receive updates on the campaign, people can download a free iPhone app with an interactive map showing event postings and event listings by province, like the brand’s Facebook page, follow its Twitter account, and, of course, visit the website of the initiative.