1HQ Creates a New Brand for Arden & Amici

Arden Fine Foods have enlisted branding agency 1HQ to create a brand for a new Italian premium biscuit and bakery range, Arden & Amici.

Tim Holmes, Design Director at 1HQ, says “The positioning ‘Arden & Amici—bringing Italy to your table’ came from an important and engaging brand truth which gives the brand its instant authenticity. Arden has close relationships with generations of local Italian bakers forming great friendships (Amici—Italian for friends) bringing the finest biscuit and bakery products back to the UK for us to enjoy in the way the Italians intended, around the table with friends and family.

The brand mark expresses that friendship, from the two A’s entwined to the English oak and the Italian olive branch creating the crest. The patterned background hints at traditional Italian wrapping paper. The back of pack is designed to integrate seamlessly, with the use of a label device to create a hand finished feel. The brand story is completed with a personal touch, a map and photo from their Italian friends.

We have been delighted to work with Ardens to create a new brand identity that really captures the passion that they have for their products as well as appeal commercially to the UK grocery retailers. I’m excited to see the range extend over the coming year, and I think it has the potential to cover many platforms.”

The first range of traditional Italian biscuits will be available exclusively in Waitrose stores from 12th September 2011.

Photo: package design for Arden & Amici biscuits, designed by 1HQ