Pepsi Has Launched the Pepsi Max Film Competition 2011 for London

Pepsi has launched the Pepsi Max Film Competition 2011 for London. Everybody is welcome to shot a 6-seconds video and win money, partner with Pepsi for co-creation of videos and become a participant of the virtual production house.

The annual competition takes place in seven different locations worldwide. This year the task for the London contest is to create a 60 sec short film for Pepsi Max with one of these 3 themes: ‘Friday night now!’, ‘Now or never!’ and ‘Livin’in the moment!’.

All themes underline the energetic Pepsi Max—low-calorie, sugar-free cola with a double amount of caffeine. The drink debuted in the UK in 1993. Another low-cal Pepsi Next was to be launched in July.

The videos are to be uploaded to the Mofilm website till September 26. For each of our three themes the1st prize is $10,000 cash and a trip to London, the 2nd Prize–$2,500 and the 3rd Prize–$500 cash.

The winning filmmaker of each theme will be invited to attend the Pepsi Films Award Ceremony taking place during the London Int’l Film festival. The winner and his or her companion will stay for four days in London and have a walk on the red carpet at the famous event.

The Grand Winner will be commissioned by Pepsi Europe to create a new Pepsi Max film, with a production budget of $20,000 and mentoring from Pepsi advertising agency BBDO.

”Our mission is to fuel and elevate the creativity of youth, helping the stars of the future tell their stories, show their spirit and demonstrate their passions in a fun way!” states the Competition Facebook page.

Another Pepsi Max competition for Rio has just finished the deadline and is in the process of evaluating submitted videos. Pepsi Films Katmandu Competition will be launched on December 8.