Contrex Sells Its Water with Help of a Neon Male Stripper

Contrex, the French bottled water company rolled out a fun and healthy ad campaign appealing to the ladies auditory with a giant neon male stripper.

Photo: from Contrex’s Facebook page

The YouTube video shows a row of pink bicycles lined up in front of a historical building somewhere in Paris. Curious young ladies approach the stylish looking bikes and begin pedaling. There are transparent cables leading from the bikes to the wall and as pedaling gets more intensive pink neon flows run to the building wall to unveil a male who begins to dance and undress. The excited ladies must pedal to keep the stripper moving. In the end, he appears with a card placed over his intimate part of the body telling the women they have just burned 2000 calories.

Contrex produces water with extra essential vitamins added, thus targeting consumers that take care of their health on regular basis. The new campaign includes a Facebook application called ‘Mes Défis Minceur’ (my weight loss challenges), which turns a fat-burning process into a game.

The video, produced by agency Marcel WW is criticized for being a fake. Landmarks in Paris are pretty recognizable, but nobody can really identify where this is taking place or confirm it happened at all, says Adverveblog. Citizens of Paris claim they never heard about it and YouTube users.

However, the aim of the video, which is a part of Contrex’s ‘My Contrexperience’ digital campaign, whose manifesto is that we’d lose more weight if the process were funnier was achieved.