Casa Rex Wins 19 Creativity International Awards

Casa Rex, a multi-award winning design consultancy with offices in São Paulo and London, has just been awarded in the 41st Print & Packaging Competition, promoted by Creativity International Awards.

Chosen out of more than 1100 submissions from 35 different countries, Casa Rex received 19 awards for diverse projects ranging from book covers to packaging design. The awards are made up of 1 Platinum Award, 4 Gold Awards, 5 Silver Awards and 9 Honourable Mentions.

The Platinum Award, the highest accolade in the Competition, was awarded to the Disguises for Cheap Wine kit.  Co-created by Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex, with his design partner, Samia Jacintho, this project received the ‘Best in Category’ trophy.

Photo: Casa Rex Creativity International Platinum Award, click to enlarge

Gold Awards

Photo: Casa Rex Creativity International Gold Award, click to enlarge

Brochures for IDEC Conscious Consumption—Graphic design

Wilson Mello Institute—Visual identity

Casa Rex Set of Glasses—Packaging design

Who am I?—Book Cover

Silver Awards

Photo: Casa Rex Creativity International Silver Award, click to enlarge

Brochures for Contemporary Art and Education Programme—Graphic design

Brigaderia Special Easter Edition—Packaging design

The Tuner of Birds—Book cover

The Amazing Holographic Collection of Empty Packs Dixie Toga—Packaging design

Bright Ideas Book Collection—Book design

Honourable Mentions

Photo: Casa Rex Creativity International Honourable Award, click to enlarge

Classic Graphic Design Texts—Book cover

ADog’s Heart and Other Novels—Book cover

‘Um pau-de-arara para Brasília’—Book design

To Fly Even Higher—Book design

Vocabularies Book Collection—Book cover

The Curve of Emotions—Book cover

Dove Dual Reconstructor—Packaging design

The Philosophy of Rock series of lectures—Poster

The Chameleon Lion—Book design

This is the 2nd consecutive year that Casa Rex has been recognised by Creativity—last year it won 10 awards. The most outstanding work from 2011 will be reproduced in the 41st Creativity Awards Annual Book, published by Harper Collins.