D&G Jewelry Tells a Story of a Forbidden Love in Sicilia

Dolce&Gabbana’s campaigns are always extremely sensual and hot, and the promotion for the brand’s new jewelry collection is nothing different. Unlike Cartier’s tender and romantic shorts released recently to promote engagement rings in the iconic red box, the Italian fashion brand has released a video, which is soaked in Italian passion.

The new 1:20 spot, directed by fashion photography celebrity Giampaolo Sgura and starring Bianca Balti and Simone Nobili, tells a story of a Sicilian woman, who has a sexual relationship with a man, who is obviously not her husband, maybe just a local student, hot and seducing. The woman is getting ready for him to come, puts on black lace apparel, high heels and splendid earrings, then he arrives and they have quick and impassionate embraces on the bed, which are stopped by a voice calling from the outside—a women rushes to the window to see who is there and to make sure that her guest hasn’t been noticed. The next moment, the lady is at church, wearing her hilarious jewelry and confessing her sins. “It fully succeeds in recounting with poetry—and subtle erotism—a double love story: the one of the woman with her lover and the one between her and the Dolce&Gabbana Jewellery. We know very well which one will last longer,” says www.swide.com, official channel of the brand.

The video is also integrated into the www.dolcegabbanajewellery.it—as the action unfolds, 13 pieces of massive jewelry from the new collection (one after another) appear on the screen along with a large photo and description.

The video, which astonishes with its frankness and sexuality, is still less impressive than Dermablend’s “Zombie Boy” viral spot released in late October. The video created to promote one of the smallest brands in L’Oreal’s portfolio, revealed the reverse process of applying the professional cover-up cosmetics used for disguising bruises, unwanted tattoos and red veins, on the body of extensively tattooed ‘Zombie Boy’ Rick Genest. According to AdAge, the spot has generated 5.7 million views in its first 10 days after the release, and so far it has been viewed over 6.7 million times.