Lewis Moberly Creates Identity for Leading Mexican Department Store

Lewis Moberly has created the brand positioning, name and identity for the new gourmet food hall Experiencia Gourmet in Mexico’s leading department store, El Puerto de Liverpool. Lewis Moberly won the project in January following a global review of identity consultancies by the Mexican retailer. UK based JHP have developed the stores retail space in collaboration.

No olive grove is too steep, fjord too deep or vineyard too remote for the intrepid food experts of Experiencia Gourmet. Theirs is a journey of discovery in search of the exquisite and the unexpected. Finally they return, bringing their treasures with them… to Mexico.

Photo: Lewis Moberly developed identity for the new gourmet food hall Experiencia Gourmet in Mexico’s El Puerto de Liverpool department store

The appreciation of gourmet food is rapidly growing amongst Mexico’s emerging middle class, Experiencia Gourmet combines several eating venues where consumers can experience gourmet food before in-home consumption. Reflecting a pleasurable, sociable gathering, the engaging identity unites an intriguing mix of creatures and icons, to form the marque of Experiencia Gourmet.

The marque visually unravels throughout the foodhall with a unique element dedicated to each venue. El Puerto de Liverpool has over 60 stores throughout Mexico. The first Experiencia Gourmet Food Hall opened on 10 November in the new Interlomas store in Mexico City.