Smirnoff Chooses India in a New Ad Campaign

Smirnoff runs a new ad campaign in India seeking for ‘heros’ and ‘screamers’ within its target audience of young males.

Photo: The first of two printed ads, from Smirnoff India’s Facebook page

According to Diageo India’s and JWT’s study the market was largely dominated by beer and whiskey, which stood at a staggering 70%, while vodka constituted a mere 22% for men. Males attitude to vodka turned out to be positive but they didn’t find a reason for drinking it. Diageo decided to emphasize Smirnoff’s quality and position on the market.

JWT identified the consumer in the age bracket of 25—34 years, earning around Rs 25,000. To reach this audience, the agency has created two ads titled ‘I choose to be a hero’ and ‘I choose to scream’. The main theme of the ads is a man who is constantly trying to achieve a balance between ‘fitting in’ and ‘standing out’ and wants to identity himself. The communication strategy of the campaign is the phrase ‘I Choose’, because with this phrase people identify themselves and their own choice, says Exchange4media.

Mayuresh Dubhashi, Creative Supervisor, JWT Mumbai, said, “We wanted to ensure that Smirnoff makes a dent in the otherwise whisky and beer dominated market.”

“There is a quest of building identity, which boils down to a choice. Smirnoff gives them the belief that at the end of the day to choose is, power because life is what happens between choices,” he added.

According to Diageo India, the campaign would have 100 insertions across leading dailies and magazine publications in 15 cities. There will be an app which will allow consumers to discover their originality and upload the results to digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter. A dedicated web site provides users with all information.  Other activities include the Smirnoff Musical Nights, which will take place in December 2011. The event will allow people to listen to their music of choice.

A special ‘I choose’ Smirnoff pack presenting ways of experiencing cocktails will be a part of the on-trade activation (in-bar work) across 800 bars. Later, a banner advertisement via mobiles will be launched.

In an effort to reach more young audience globally, Smirnoff has recently kicked off its Nightlife Exchange Project in more than 50 countries.