Volkswagen to Create a Fanwagen, ‘Made by Fans, Built on Likes’

Some automobile brands work hard developing new groundbreaking concepts and presenting innovative models, and some brands look back into the past and source inspiration from its rich heritage to appeal to more consumers. Volkswagen has launched a new campaign entitled VW Fanwagen in the Netherlands, blending a modern social media twist with a retro vibe. The new promotion, developed by Dutch agency Achtung, has been launched on Facebook—the brand is offering its fans an opportunity to built ‘the most social car ever’ and promises to give it to one lucky participant.

Users can choose either the legendary Beetle or T1 campervan—one of the models, which will receive most of the votes (so far, T1 has 14 thousand likes while Beetle has got only 6 thousand), will get a range of stunning ‘social’ features, which will turn a traditional vehicle into a Facebook page on wheels or simply Fanwagen. The voting ends when one of the cars collect 20,000 likes—according to the Terms & Conditions, “from the moment that a Volkswagen model is chosen, Volkswagen will construct this model or arrange for it to be constructed. Within 3 days of the winning model having been constructed, a link (a ‘Claim Button’) will be placed on the Volkswagen fan page, and the participant who first clicks on the Claim button is the winner.”

The Fanwagen, ‘made by fans, built on likes,’ will get a bunch of amazing features that will be certainly appreciated by social media-savvy fans. For instance, it will get a Feed-O-Matic that prints one’s newsfeed off the dashboard, a birthday notification system, hand-operate relationship status update underneath the  license plate to indicate intensions to other drivers as well as friend finder and chat mirror to name but a few. To learn about all the specifications, read the owner’s manual.