Call for Interviewees

Tell us your story and be heard by Popsop global 200,000 reader audience!

Are you an agency working in media, pr, branding, digital, packaging, product, retail design? Or are you a challenger brand with your one-of-a-kind story? If so, Popsop wants to interview you about your creative and entrepreneurial experience!

In 2012, is launching a new section ‘Interview’, where real industry people will tell their real stories. The goal is to show a human face of the brand and design industry, to introduce to you the PEOPLE with their thoughts, feelings and ambitions —behind successful creative businesses. Let’s be honest, we always evaluate experiences, examine portfolios, but after all, we choose PEOPLE, not ‘a company’ to work with.

In our interviews we will be focusing on successful business stories, current industry trends and problems, well—on every aspect of what is ‘hot’ in the brand and design industry worldwide — from Moscow to London, from New York to Singapore.

This is going to be a mix of video interviews and classic written Q&As, conducted and published online weekly on YouTube and

The are 2 ways we will be making our weekly interviews, starting off mid-January 2012.

1. On-site interviews in Moscow and London. If you are located in Moscow, Russia or in London, the UK, we will come to your place and interview you.

2. Offline Q&A via email or phone. If you are out of Moscow or London, drop us a line or give a call —we’ll get in touch and decide on what format suits better.

The first series of interviews will be about UK-Russia collaboration in the brand and design area, prepared and conducted with our associate team Popsop Consultants. If you’re a brand or an agency, we want to talk to you and share your knowledge with other Popsop readers!

To schedule an interview, email at