DDB UK Creates Give in to Gü at Christmas

DDB UK is celebrating Christmas spirit this week by embarking on the second phase of the Give in to campaign, which first launched in May 2011.

The agency has created a new festive standalone 10” TVC designed to showcase a new range of temptingly tasty Christmas products by Gü. The assortment consists of giant baubles (Gü Splendidly Sumptuous Cherry & Chocolate Bauble and Gü Gloriously Glam Raspberry & Chocolate Bauble), packs on mini baubles (Gü Fantastically Festive Cherry & Vanilla Cheesecake and Gü Deeply Decadent Raspberry & Vanilla Cheesecake Baubles), plus the ramekin range in limited edition gold and silver packaging.

The camera delves inside a fridge, brimming with all the usual Christmas dinner ingredients; roast meats, cheese and seasonal veg, before homing in on the indulgent treat you can’t help but try straight away—the new Gü Christmas range.

There will also be a revised version of the original 30” advert from May 2011 featuring a selection of new seasonal scenes; such as freshly laid snow awaiting the first crunch of a footprint, and a pool of molten candle wax that lures the viewer in to touch it.

The TV activity is part of Gü’s £1.2 million marketing investment across TV, PR, and experiential, sampling, packaging and social media.

Grant Parker, Creative Director, DDB UK commented, “Christmas gives us an even better reason than usual to indulge ourselves and give in to a delicious Gü pudding. The new TV ad keeps the theme of temptation, but seasons it with Christmas festivity.”

Joseph Liu, Senior Brand Manager at Gü Puds said, “Our Give in to Gu campaign centres on the idea that giving in to indulgence is perfectly acceptable, which is especially relevant during Christmas. Many consumers are entertaining friends and family during Christmas, and our new showstopping Christmas Baubles are perfect for that occasion. This Christmas, we’re making our largest ever marketing investment to support our new seasonal puddings. Building off our successful “Give in to Gu” summer campaign, we remain focused on communicating the brand’s indulgent positioning, whilst ensuring the brand is relevant to consumers shopping for high quality desserts during the festive season. Additionally, our new experiential and digital activity will provide consumers with an unique opportunity to directly engage with our brand this Christmas.”