AXE Creates Erotic Anarchy

AXE , the personal care brand, promotes its products in a newly created graphic novel or a comic book called ‘Anarchy’.

Photo: a snapshot from the ‘Anarchy’ trailer

The campaign is based on erotica and sensuality as it features sexy girls and encourages people to create their own plot. Fans can pick the Anarchy girls, the location for the action, and suggest plot developments for the comic.

Adweek calls it “the first crowdsourced soft-porn fantasy adventure in comic format”. Whatever it would be, the idea seems to b fresh and appealing to the target male audience.

The first issue kicks off on January 10 and will be followed by more issues. Currently, AXE runs the ‘Premature Perspiration’ campaign also based on sexuality of young men. It features several short videos and a Facebook fun game offering users to put their friends’ on the video and watching them sweat.

Previous AXE’s campaigns included a comic ‘Dirtcathlon’ and the models-infused ‘The Fall‘.