Get a Free Copy of jkr’s ‘Champions of Design’, Participate in our Survey

One of the top-rated UK packaging design consultancies, jkr, published last December its third book about design — an observation on 25 great brands, which give us all a good lesson. This brilliant mix of thoughts, trivia, beautiful images and juicy copy titled ‘Champions of Design’ is being given away in electronic form — you can either read it onscreen or download the PDF to your desktop.

For those who prefer good old books, jkr and Popsop offer to take part in a small survey, answer 10 simple questions about much-loved brands and get a free hardcover book sent right to your postbox!

The number of lucky winners is limited to 10, so please be the first to answer the questions correctly.

Here is the link to the survey: 10 Pieces of Trivia: What You Didn’t Know about Much-loved Brands. Enjoy the reading!