McDonald’s Persuades Chinese in Purity of Its Beef

McDonald’s has launched a new campaign in China promoting its 100% pure beef. The TBWA Shanghai has created a series of  TV spots  to help avoiding a controversy about ammonia-treated beef being used in the restaurant chain’s burgers.

In the ‘Manly Man Beef’ TV campaign Chinese men showing off their ‘manly’ characteristics such as being, straightforward and decisive in various situations. The five TV ads will be running till March 6. Four spots are created to air in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou (in Cantonese) and one is running nationwide.

Each version is different and tailored for a particular region. The Shanghai version, for example, shows a fun portrayal of a man cooking, hinting that Shanghainese men are responsible and skillful at taking care of the family.

McDonald’s last year’s ‘100% Manly Man, 100% Real Beef’ campaign, the tagline ‘100% pure beef’ is a basis for this campaign.

Additionally, McDonald’s has created an statement issued on its official weibo microblog last Thursday, in which the fast-food chain assured the public that «McDonald’s China does not use ammonia-treated beef,» the statement said. “Customers can be assured that McDonald’s China uses 100 per cent beef [as] raw materials in its beef patties.”