Nokia Boosts Socializing within the Company

Nokia has rolled out big screens in the company’s social spaces at HQs all over the world to help employees sharing social news and data. It’s called Agora or ‘the Social Visualizer’ as it visually represents internal and user-generated content, as well as social media metrics.

Photo: Agora at Espoo, from

Using Agora, Nokia employees can discuss the information they’re hearing from customers. The system facilitates information flow saving time and boosting socializing within the company.

Agora provides employees with the mobility of data. Data can be accessed via QR code on screen, or in HTML5 via tablets and smartphones. The socializing system tags actionable ‘signals’ from conversations and reports this to employees that have subscribed to specific keywords. Agora uses the strategy of a game. The most active and influential Agora users can unlock badges.

Agora will be showcased during Social Media Week in New York. The system is primarily web-based but a mobile version is also in development.

“Socializer represents another way that Nokia is trying to go beyond passive listening and move towards real-time actions based on customer insights,” says guest writer Anirban Saha, Nokia’s Head of Social Innovation and Intelligence in a post on Nokia Conversations.