Peugeot and Philippe Starck Have Unveiled the Design of Its Bike-Scooter

Peugeot has teamed up with acclaimed designer Philippe Starck and the City of Bordeaux to create an innovative vehicle, a combination of bike and scooter.

Photo: Philippe Starck unveils the design of the bike-scooter, from

In the end of 2011, the Bordeaux government asked its citizens to take part in the designing of an ‘ideal city bike’ on the web site On February 10, Starck together with Alain Juppe, the mayor of Bordeaux, presented the final drawing of the bike at the 2 Cyclab event in Bordeaux.

In the last 15 years, Bordeaux saw a threefold increase in the number of bike riders. According to the city statistics, 10% of daily trips by its inhabitants are being made on bike. That’s why the city decided to further develop the eco-friendly vehicle.

The new bike-scooter will replace the bikes loaned to Bordeaux citizens with aim to help increase their mobility. According to Starck, the design of bike-scooter is a result of the analysis of Bordeaux citizen’s answers, “which were numerous, diverse, constructive and relevant.”

“We are glad to be associated to the program initiated by the Mayor’s office of Bordeaux to multiply the city’s means of transportation. Permanent mobility innovation has been part of the brand’s challenges since the launch of the service Mu by Peugeot in September 2009. Succeeding in producing Starck’s vision according to the criteria of Bordeaux is very exciting to us,” said Sandrine Bouvier, Product & Marketing Manager Peugeot Cycles.

Starck has already created designs of motorbikes and bicycles for companies such as Aprillia and Voxan.

Last year, Toyota and Parlee Cycles worked on a Prius-inspired bike combining green design and technology.