Top Ten Brands Consumers Love Most

Consumers love their brands, especially ones that begin with the letter “A” for Apple. In honor of Valentine’s Day, CBX, the New York-based brand agency, conducted a quantitative online survey of 1,000 consumers nationwide and asked, “What brand do you love the most?” and “Why?”

The top ten brands that are consumers’ Valentines:

Brand Love by the Ages:

  • Those hard-to-please younger consumers (ages 18-24)) professed their love of Nike (54%). But, no one over 55 said they wanted Nike to “be mine” in the survey.
  • 27% of consumers, ages 18-24 said they loved Sony, helping to land the brand in the number two spot.
  • Consumers aged 35-44 and 55-64 named Coca-Cola as their number one love (26%).

Explaining their love for these brands, consumers most frequently said, Apple is “innovative,” “high-end”, “love/like products” and “good quality”. While Sony soaked up the love because of “good quality,” “reliable/dependable,” “love/like products” and “innovative/high-end.” Those who chose Coca-Cola overwhelmingly did so by describing the brand as, “great/good taste” and “delicious.”