AXE Tells Why It’s Important to Endure All the Difficulties in Your Relationships with a High-Achieving Woman

AXE teaches guys how to “stay cool” in situations that might be irritating or stressful and always remember that patience is really rewarding. The controversial body care brand usually preaches that men should be open and do not hide their emotions, which are related to their male nature, but sometimes to be a macho means to be reserved. The Unilever’s brand has released a series of ‘educational’ 1-minute spots, telling how to behave if you have a Brainy, Sporty, High Maintenance, Party or Flirty Girl. All of the videos are uploaded to the brand’s official YouTube channel (unfortunately, the series is not the key element there, since the front page of the channel is still promoting the recent ‘Anarchy’ campaign).

The series, developed by BBH London and directed by Tim Godsall, are promoting AXE Shower Gel—the key idea here is that no matter hard it may be to keep up with high-achieving women, it definitely pays back. Guys who want to get such girls have to go extra mile and show that they are no ordinary men, and sometimes this may seem extremely difficult to watch boring theatre plays, assist and carry all the bags along the street dragging behind your lady or dancing with her for hours. But if a man does, the girl will give him something very, very special, which is truly worth the effort. And AXE is here to help the men keep going.

OK, it’s tough to bear. But the good news is that the next up on her to do list is you,” says the voiceover, and this phrase turns to be the tagline of the campaign. Don’t be afraid of difficulties and don’t forget that every cloud has a silver lining.