Bloom Designs New Packaging for British Biscuit Icon, Wagon Wheels

Burton’s Biscuit Company has announced it is relaunching Wagon Wheels. The iconic biscuit brand has been a regular at teatime and in the playground since 1948. Bloom were appointed following a strategic pitch in June 2011. The aim of the relaunch was to give the brand an identity that is relevant to a new generation of British kids.

Photo: Wagon Wheels’ redesign by Bloom

Bloom quickly got to the heart of the Wagon Wheels positioning and brought to life the new ‘more to discover’ brand idea. They’ve created a design that evokes the spirit of what the brand is about,” says Simon King, Head of Childrens and Lyons Marketing, Burton’s Biscuit Company.

Formerly the Wagon Wheels packs featured Wild West iconography. «We knew that nowadays kids don’t get as excited about cowboys and Indians as their parents’ generation», says Ed Hayes, Bloom Planning Director, «so for the new design we created a rough and tumble landscape to evoke the brand’s spirit of exploration and adventure.”

Bloom also created a new logotype which better fits today’s language of snacking. The relaunch will be supported by an above the line campaign which will run from March to
July, with further exciting NPD news from the brand expected later this year.