Jim Beam Says ‘It’s Time’ in a Tarzan Voice

Jim Beam is helping Australians unleash their animal nature—the bourbon brand has launched a Tarzan-inspired bizarre campaign dubbed ‘It’s Time,’ which is rolling out across a number of platforms including TV, cinema, print, online and ambient point of sale. Developed by Sydney-based agency The Works, the new $5m advertising effort is revolving around the idea that the time has come to get together with friends for a glass of fine bourbon. And here, old, primeval methods of summoning mates beat modern approaches like mobile phone calls, texting or writing an e-mail.

“We have ambitious targets so this is another exciting move for Beam which will have a positive effect on consumers. Beam will continue to be a brand that cuts through the clutter and paves the way for other brands to follow,” shares Damian Pincus, Creative Partner from The Works. The weird promotion of Australia’s number one spirit brand is revolving around the fact that when we are happy (and the upcoming night out with our friends and Jim Beam certainly makes us feel this way), positive emotions are bursting out of us, and we tap into instinctive primeval behaviour (in a good way) and express our best feelings to the full, with Tarzan cries, monkey noises and other sounds of that kind.

The creepy adverts by UK-based director Tim Brown—the spots come in two versions—:15 and :30 seconds were launched last weekend. In addition to this, primeval calls from the commercials were issued around Sydney to drive public’s attention to the campaign three days before the broadcast of the TVCs. The campaign will culminate in April with the launch of a fan-oriented activity on the Jim Beam Australia Facebook hub. The brand will encourage consumers to upload their own ‘calls’ to the page and share them with friends. So far, the brand doesn’t say if the movement will be fueled a promise to give prizes to the best ‘callers’, but that might be a good step.

Jim Beam is a category leader and will again push boundaries by continually re-inventing our marketing activities to keep consumers and trade engaged in the brand. ‘It’s Time’ campaign is something we are confident consumers will make their own, talk about and share—when you get the call you know it’s time for a Jim Beam and you’re not going to miss this one!» comments Ray Noble, Brand Director Jim Beam.