Twitter Is to Add More Features to Its Brand Pages

Twitter will revamp its ‘brand pages’ adding new features including e-commerce, contests and sweepstakes.

Photo: Mcdonal’s Twitter brand page, a snapshot

The brand pages were launched in December 2011 to help brands communicate with their target audiences using short tweets and images. The new features will be shown up within the brand’s tweet timeline. The date of its roll out is not disclosed yet, says Ad Age that got the information from people familiar with the matter.

The launch group of the brand pages included 21 biggest marketers like NikeAmerican Express and McDonald’s, and more brands joined these giants in January investing $25,000 in advertising on Twitter. However, many marketers weren’t sure that Twitter’s brand pages in their present form were very useful. Through the development of its brand pages, Twitter aims to attract more marketers.

Last month, Twitter has rolled out several new features for brands and businesses One of it was an ‘Ad Scrimmage’ page collecting Super Bowl spots and inviting users to vote on their favorites. Another is a common e-commerce project with American Express, which a self-serve ad platform for 10,000 small and midsize businesses.  American Express also recently launched a program in which it sends offers to Twitter users in exchange for certain actions.

For example, for tweeting a certain hashtag people can receive a part of money back. Twitter chief revenue officer Adam Bain says «This is just the beginning. You’re going to see a ton of creative examples of people building on this platform—this is not just about giving people a deal or discount.»

If  Twitter will add new options for companies to use the brand pages effectively, it may have a big potential to attract more advertisers. According to eMarketer. Twitter’s revenue is expected to reach $259.9 million this year, up from $139.5 million in 2011.