Grolsch Premiers ‘The Fourth Dimension’ Film Created on the Grolsch Film Works Platform

While the Stella Artois lager brand is celebrating cinema spirit with its promotional initiatives ahead of the Cannes Film Festival, Grolsch has stepped into the art-house filmmaking world with its Grolsch Film Works production platform, doing its part in supporting independent movies. The Dutch beer brand, which launched the platform back in April 2011, last fall announced that a new film, which was to merge creative visions of three directors (from Russia, Poland and the USA) went under production. The new experimental film titled ‘The Fourth Dimension,’ funded by Grolsch and created in partnership with Vice Films, finally premiered last weekend at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

The three directors— Harmony Korine from the US, Russia’s Alexsei Fedorchenko and Polish-born Jan Kwiecinski—were commissioned with a creative task to mirror ‘the fourth dimension’ in their short 30-minute shorts, which constitute the film. Each of the directors filmed their pieces in their native countries to capture the spirit of their nation and find the additional dimension they were asked to mirror.

We are proud to have worked with three such diverse talents on the creation of the first feature film from Grolsch Film Works. It was a huge international undertaking and a narrative challenge to tie these three, idiosyncratic films together. ‘The Fourth Dimension’ is a fascinating creative work we are delighted to show the world. We are thrilled to do that for the first time at the San Francisco International Film Festival,” shared Thomas Kamphuis, who heads up the Grolsch Film Works project.

This is the first major project under the Grolsch Film Works banner—the platform is also to provide funding to filmmakers, bring filmmaking workshops to up-and-coming talents in the area and it is also features reviews on the premieres and news on the latest events in the industry. The brand, which sponsors a range of festivals around the globe the San Francisco International Film Festival, the Brooklyn Film Festival in the US, Future Shorts and the Beat Film Festival in Russia, Shorts Up in Romania, and Mlodzi i Film in Poland, is proving that beer, like a refined wine, can deliver ultimate artistic experience and boost creativity in young creative minds.