Louis Vuitton Explores the Theme of Taxi Encounters and Launches a Competition for Emerging Filmmakers

The fashion house Louis Vuitton is known for its love for travelling, which is reflected both in its accessories lines and guide books. The brand is releasing a new series of spots dedicated to the theme of travelling around the globe and the most popular transport to get around the cities, taxi. The first episode in the Taxi Encounters series, telling about London taxis, premiered on the official website of the brand in September 2011, and now is followed by the spot about Venice.

Venice public transport is the water one, so the brand is inviting the audience to embark on a visual trip exploring the unique taxi experience in this city on canals. “To what extent do taxis reflect the cities they frequent? Venice is ‘the city of water’ or ‘the floating city’ and is elucidated by its waterways. Shaped by 177 canals with 407 bridges, its streets are paved with water. All transport is by boat or by foot thus refining the pace and rhythm of the city. Like the original lagoon dwellers or incolae lacunae, the very first fishermen inhabitants of the islands of Venice, the taxi boat drivers of the city live and breathe water. Water is the life source of the city and how people make their living, how encounters are made and ultimately how Venetians define themselves,” says the brand. What’s next? Delhi rickshaws or New York’s yellow cabs? Each new spot in the series is rather a visual story, than an informative piece of content, but still it perfectly communicates the emotional element.

To continue its favourite travel theme, earlier this year Louis Vuitton and film director Luca Guadagnino announced the launch of the second installment of Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards. Through this competition, the fashion giant is calling aspiring filmmakers from around the glove to explore the theme of all kinds of trips and voyages in their short films. The theme of the second edition of the international contest is ‘Encounter’—submissions can be uploaded to the www.journeysawards.com website until June 18, 2012. “Encounters are inherent to every journey. Yet in this year’s competition, the subject of encounters is open to interpretation: your interpretation,” says Louis Vuitton about this year’s manifesto of the contest.