Skype Makes Communication More Human

Skype is kicking off a new digital campaign in the US and UK to attract consumer’s attention to the services it offers and make their communication ‘more human’.

Photo: Skype’s new campaign slogan, from

Being the most popular online telecommunication platform, Microsoft’s Skype now invests 12 billion into the campaign developed by Pereira & O’Dell targeting consumers who already use Skype as well as those who don’t do it yet. ‘It’s time for Skype,’ says the campaign’s tagline. ‘And the slogan ‘Your one way ticket back to humanity’ promises users a new close to real communication experience.

The campaign has already launched in UK yesterday, on April to and rolls out in the US on April 19. The digital partner roster is impressive including: 33Across, AOL, BBC/Lonely Planet, Buzz Media, CBS, CNN/CNN International, Facebook, Federated Media, Glam Media, Google, Hulu, Interclick, iVIllage, MailOnline, MSN, SocialTyze, Travora, Tremor, ValueClick, Wired and Yahoo.

The UK’s campaign includes posters and wraps in the London Bank Subway and on the London Torch, electronic billboards, digital posters and more, says Marketing Daily.

Skype will also offer a campaign landing page and will use contextual display brand ads and custom publisher units, over the next few months. Skype Facebook page and Twitter hashtag #timeforskype will also inform users about its products and let users to interact with Skype. For example, Facebook users will be able to create their own Humoticon, a picture of them expressing a human emotion.

“The overall project is intended to raise awareness of Skype beyond the video calls for which it is best known”, said Francie Strong, Skype’s director of global customer-base marketing.

“With so many ways to communicate, there has been a shift towards communicating in ways that are less conversational, more transactional—less human,” Strong added. “With Skype, we have an array of products and features that let our users communicate with people in a more human way every single day. We wanted to bring the human aspect of Skype communications to the forefront for target audiences, while highlighting the various products and features that enable these communications on a daily basis.”