Benetton Kicks off Global Kids Community

Benetton has launched a new online hub Benetton Kids Community dedicated to and aimed at digital-savvy kids and their parents. Children like vibrant colours, and the brand shares this passion, that’s why the new community is extremely flamboyant and is soaked with bright and catchy tones. In fact, parents are those who are expected to bring their offspring to the new online destination, which is totally safe for kids from the informational point of view, and they are who register kids there (the number of kids from one family is limited to three children up to 12 years old).

Photo: Benetton Kids Community,

Each of the community members has a profile with photos and drawings (up to 12), which can be shared with other people on the website. In this online space, kids from all around the globe can also read well-known fairy-tales and stories, find recipes and craft tips, play games such as Memory, Puzzles, Spot the Difference with their moms and dads or on their own.

The community is in English, but the rules of the games are clear and the recipes are simple so it won’t be hard for parents who have basic English reading skills how to get around. Still, it would be a logical step to localize the hub and add at least the major world languages, since it is designed for the whole world. According to the press note, “much of the online content is original, the fruit of Benetton’s collaboration with major publishing houses and children’s animation firms.”

Last year, the brand launched an online destination for international bloggers, inviting them to share their opinions, views and images on United Blogs of Benetton —unlike the new community, this hub divided into croups by country.