Febreze and Azerbaijani Wrestling Team Conquer Bad Odors in the Brand’s Olympics Ad Campaign

Procter & Gamble’s Febreze and Ambi Pur are rolling out the 2012 London Olympics-related campaign that celebrates fresh air and good aromas. The brands have chosen wrestling as the most ‘stinky’ sports art and signed the official Azerbaijani national wrestling team to appear in its new ads. 

Photo: the Azerbaidjani team in the Fabreze campaign, from Fabreze Facebook page

The brands and the four athletes conducted an experiment to “demonstrate that the brands’ superior odor elimination and freshness capabilities can defeat the hardest working odors in the world”.

The all-integrated Febreze campaign is part of P&G’s Worldwide Partnership with the Olympic Movement. P&G is also running the ‘Thank You, Mom’ campaign for the London 2012 Olympic Games and helps to clean London before the Games start, and its Pampers brand supports the athletes who are parents.

A sneak peak unveiled yesterday online takes viewers on a journey to Londonwhere the brands conduct their Breathe Happy experiment proving that their products can conquer even the strongest smells of sweat. The Azerbaijani team was selected to feature in the campaign, because wrestling is often considered the national sport of the country. Facebook fans can now see the team preparing for The Olympics and get to know more about these athletes through a series of videos.

This is the extension of Febreze’s Breathe Happy campaign aimed to demonstrate consumers through experiments with common people that which proves to real people around the world that Febreze easily removes any odors.