Facebook Has Introduced Open Graph Action Links

Facebook can’t stop continue developing. The social media giant has just added so called ‘Action Links,’ which follow the idea of ‘Action Verbs’ such as ‘like’.
Photo: what Action Links look like, from developers.facebook.com

As an example, Facebook suggested such actions as ‘Save this Place,’ which allow users to memorize the place they or their friends checked in via Foursquare, and ‘Fave This Product,’ which gives Fab.com users a chance to mark their favorite product. All action links will be shown in users’ Timeline or their friends’ News Feeds and Ticker.

«Action Links tie one action to another, and can be part of any Open Graph story,» wrote Facebook Software Engineer Alex Wyler in a post on Developers blog. «Developers can designate an action link for any action they define, which will then appear throughout Facebook.»

Open Graph Action Links buttons are placed alongside the Like and Comment actions allowing friends to quickly take action in response to a story. Due to these buttons a developer  can gain more coverage for their app or brand with fewer user clicks.

Recently, Facebook suggested users to donate their organs to help saving lives of people in the US hospitals.