Pepsi Japan Unveils the New Summer Variety: Salty Watermelon

Pepsi Japan, which has a lot of shocking and weird varieties in its portfolio, including Strawberry & Milk, Ice Cucumber and Baobab, has unveiled another revolutionary seasonal variety. Now, the iconic carbonated drink brand is inviting its loyal fans to try a new variety with the salted watermelon flavour. The new drink, which pays tribute to the traditional Japanese summertime treat, will hit the local market on July 24.

Photo: Pepsi Salty Watermelon

The bottle design on Pepsi Salty Watermelon is quite predictable—it features a huge green watermelon placed against marine background on a sandy beach, and the Pepsi logo acts like a sizzling sun in the sky. In the press release, Japan’s only distributor of PepsiCo’s beverages Suntory Foods International informs that the packaging is designed “to express the joy of an exciting summer vacation”. The new seasonal variety, which continues the tradition of releasing odd, but hilarious flavoured Pepsi drinks, will be produced in 490 ml bottles priced 140 yen (about $1.75) each.

The new drink inspired by the summer treat, which has a distinct sour and sweet taste, follows another new Pepsi Japan product, Pepsi Black, which was announced earlier this month. This lemon-flavoured variety has 50% less sugar than regular Pepsi, which mirrors the demands of adult consumers in the country. “Reduced sugar is a new genre we have created in the cola market. We have received positive feedback from the market since the launch of Dry last year,” shared a spokesperson for Suntory.