Nissan Is to Excite Americans with the Redesigned 2013 Altima

Nissan launched a new marketing campaign for the 2013 Altima in North America yesterday. The initiative features a new tag line, ‘Innovation that Excites’ that was first introduced in Europe this spring when Nissan decided to change its key message and introduced its JUKE model in the UK.

Photo: Nissan 2013 Altima, from

According to Vinay Shahani, Director for Nissan Marketing Communications and Media, the company is “changing the wording to keep its global ad campaigns all on the same page”.

“We want to be more consistent in our global communications, with an eye toward using similar brand campaigns in various markets in the future,” Shahani says. Shahani added that ad campaign will include the largest digital-media spend in the company’s history.

In the US, Nissan hits the market with its new redesigned Altima aiming the car to remain the No. 2 best-selling mid-sized sedan in the US. The model starts selling nationwide on June 26. In the new video spot, Nissan asks viewers “Wouldn’t it be cool?” and continues describing the advanced technological characteristics of the car.

With the new Altima, Nissan hopes to compete with the rival Toyota Camry as well as with Ford and Chevrolet that also launched renewed sedans this year, says Auto News. Through May, Altima sales reached 135,289 in the U.S., while sales of the Camry have totaled 181,796.