AXE Launches the Planetaxe Platform and Invites Its Fans to Be Axemen

AXE’s promotional activities traditionally revolve around major interests of young men—hot girls, dating without any responsibilities and the ways to attract the opposite sex. Now, AXE is kicking off an online promotion for new product, which builds on another male passion, gaming. The brand has unveiled a new mobile game, Axeman, and launched a new online destination Planetaxe, where guys can play and earn points, which can be ‘turned’ into prizes which cost $1+ million rewards, gear from MTV, GameFly, Xbox, SteelSeries, Live Nation, Philips, WildTangent, and Klondike.

Axeman is a music driven rail shooter. Players take control of the Axeman, an ambassador of awesome, a rocking guitar slinger who uses his AXE as a weapon of mass distortion to take out his enemies and recruit girls into his ever-growing crew of fans. Fling, block and tap your way through multiple environments, a range of enemies, challenging bosses and all types of girls ready join your party. Jamming to the game’s beats is cool, but using your own music is even cooler! Try different songs in Jam Session to create a unique experience for yourself or challenge friends to rival your master creation,” says the description to the game.

In the new came, players can customize their experience and enjoy it to the full, adding music from their personal playlists to the gaming space. In case you don’t have any music in store, AXE offers a collection of custom tunes to be played during the game. Android, iPod and iPhone users can play on their own or compete with friends, who will play the same songs from their libraries, to connect with them online for a rewarding experience. The brand promises to release the version for PC and tablets, including iPad, this month—the game is totally free.


This game is just one of many available on the Planet AXE website—other activities including video games, tournaments, surveys/polls, offers from trusted third parties on the platform also can also bring users points, which upgrade their level on the website, and earn them trophies and rewards.