Cadbury House to Mix Chocolate and Sports at Hyde Park during the London 2012

Cadbury, which was among the first brands which started their preparations for the London 2012 Olympic Games (it launched the Spots v Stripes campaign back in 2010), is to open a free sports and chocolate fan zone, interactive Cadbury House at Hyde Park ahead of the event. The space will be open to visitors for over two weeks, from July 27 through August 12, and will deliver ultimate sweet&sportive experience to people who will be in the capital during the Games.

Photo: Cadbury House

According to the image, unveiled at the announcement of the unique experience, the design of the space will be synchronized with the traditional brand palette, the mix of violet and white—as to the architecture, the camp will include several tents and popup venues. The destination, which will become part of BT London Live, will work as Joyville, inviting visitors to sample chocolate in the Cadbury Dairy Milk tasting zone, as well as step into ‘Chocolatrium,’ where they will be able to explore Cadbury experiences for Twirl, Creme Egg, Wispa, Freddo and Cadbury Dairy Milk brands of the chocolate giant.

Visitors to the Great Game Zone will be able to feel what it’s like to compete for a prize—they will be invited to take part on a virtual race against Olympic athlete Rebecca Adlington to win a medal, a chocolate one, of course. Cadbury also wants to tap a ‘celebrity’ curator—maybe, it’ll be a former athlete,—who will meet the visitors and add to the atmosphere.

There are many different magical experiences that form part of Cadbury House but the one I am most excited about is the Great Games Zone, where people will get the chance to try their hand at a number of sports with a Cadbury twist,” shared former Olympian and world record holder for javelin throwing Steve Backley, who announced the Cadbury House.

Here is a video feature in Hyde Park  in which Steve encourages the Team GB for the highest wins: